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Turkey: Life After Coup Attempt

Turkey: Life After Coup Attempt

On July 15, there was a strategically inept and thankfully failed coup attempt in Turkey, which, in fact, was destined for failure and would lead nothing but a civil war. It was that latest mishap in a long series of political events, and is now being followed by a purge of civil servant linked to the Gulen movement which is widely believed to have plotted the military intervention and a state of emergency that is expected to last...

Political Risks Over? Not Yet

Political Risks Over? Not Yet

Concerns about Fed over-optimism admission and shortening the time from taper to rate-hike somehow did not spark a major risk-off dump in Turkish equities. Equities are traded just below the previous day’s close while major banks such as Halk, Is, Vakif, Yapi are in green territory. Meanwhile bonds are having a bad day as 2-year rates jump to 11,14% but at least not as bad as they performed last May when Bernanke’s taper hit. In a nutshell, the...

How Deep is Turkish Financial Markets?

How Deep is Turkish Financial Markets?

What I mean by Turkish financial markets is the exchange office in Istanbul, of where the government of Turkey spurts to develop as global finance center. Equities, both government and private sector fixed income securities, (equity, precious metal, FX based options and warrants) derivatives, commodities such as gold, silver, platinum, electricity are being traded in the place, that recently was renamed as Borsa Istanbul, or shortly BIST.

For a long time, there have been concerns over the...

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