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Public Banks: One More Leak to Plug

Public Banks: One More Leak to Plug

To date we have posted two articles specifically focused on differentiates between public and private banks. As they have been in many developing economies ─particularly in India─, banks controlled by the government are milked to the bone with being forced to provide lending to sustain economic growth at the desired levels. This is also the case in Turkey (read Turkish Banks: Differentiating Rapidly, Loan Growth: Where do the Expenses Come From?).

Above we present loans-to-deposit ratios for private and...

Turkish Banks: An Overview of Funding Trends

Turkish Banks: An Overview of Funding Trends

After focusing on expectations, risks and valuations in Turkish banks, here the funding trends across the industry becomes the theme of this post.

In the above-mentioned post, we showed that much faster rise in loans compared with domestic savings rates would be creating liquidity and funding risk for the banking system. At the end of third quarter of this year loan to deposit ratio was reportedly over 115%. The banks in Turkey is bridging this funding gap...

Will Turkey Trail South Korea?

Will Turkey Trail South Korea?

In a previous post, I noted that the shape of things to come in Turkey is getting similar to that of economic crisis occurred in South Korea in late 90s. I accept that in term of economic dynamics, South Korea differs much from Turkey as well as periodically 1997 does the same from 2014. However this should not be such a interceptor for a few points to worth stressing and I think in some way what South Korea...

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