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Sector Reports
Public Banks: One More Leak to Plug

To date we have posted two articles specifically focused on differentiates between public and private banks. As they have been in many developing economies ─particularly in India─, banks controlled by the government are milked to the bone with being forced to provide lending to sustain…

Turkish Banks: An Overview of Funding Trends

After focusing on expectations, risks and valuations in Turkish banks, here the funding trends across the industry becomes the theme of this post. In the above-mentioned post, we showed that much faster rise in loans compared with domestic savings rates would be creating liquidity and…

Macro View
Will Turkey Trail South Korea?

In a previous post, I noted that the shape of things to come in Turkey is getting similar to that of economic crisis occurred in South Korea in late 90s. I accept that in term of economic dynamics, South Korea differs much from Turkey as…