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Turkish Lira v South African Rand

Turkish Lira v South African Rand

There has never been a chart pattern idea for swing traders on this blog. Even if I always been skeptical about the chartist stuff, I admit that from time to time it would be a guide for currency markets where fundamentals tend to change slowly and usually liquidity matters.

And if you’re familiar with emerging markets currencies, you must have realized Turkish lira and South African rand moving very similar ways. The data shows that the TRY/ZAR currency pair hardly ever diverges by more than 5% (in absolute terms) from its...

Turkish Stocks: Banks v Industrials

Turkish Stocks: Banks v Industrials

One of the key market themes that marked this year has been the bank stocks trading with low multiples and the advancement in the industrials. Time and time again we uttered that the golden age of Turkish banking is over (see here and here) which was finally embraced by a top banker in Turkey. Given the banks capturing a dominant share of the Turkish stock market the BIST 100 index has expectedly performed poorly.


Do Turkish Dividend Stocks Outperform in Bear Markets

Do Turkish Dividend Stocks Outperform in Bear Markets

It is not a secret that dividend-paying stocks often come out ahead during a market sell-off. Because many investors are attracted to the safety appeal of them. As Turkish stock market is hanging around record high levels with foreign capital outflows on the horizon due to expected rate hikes by the US Federal Reserve, it is much closer to enter a bear market this year. Under these conditions one may think that high-yielding Turkish stocks will be seen...

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