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On HSBC’s Exit from Turkey

On HSBC’s Exit from Turkey

In response to the global financial crisis, financial institutions in advanced economies have increased their focus on risk management leading some of the big names in the industry bowing out of emerging markets with low risk-reward profile. Specifically, Turkey has been a unique stage for the transformation of the global financial system where the Western banks suffered the crisis has sold off their businesses to the financial institutions with high appetite for risk which were mostly based in Middle East. The following is a list of deals done recently in Turkish banking...

Turkey and Energy Efficiency

Turkey and Energy Efficiency

PwC, the network of member accounting firms, released a new report on energy, titled “Low Carbon Economy Index 2013: Busting the carbon budget“. Concentrating on the energy efficiency, the report emphasizes the rate of decarbonisation around the world. Overall, it suggest that requiring a rate of decarbonisation not to exceed two degrees of warming never achieved since 2007, the year of the first release.

So how about Turkey? I am highly interested in energy policies in Turkey...

Turkey Expanding Business Into Africa

Turkey Expanding Business Into Africa

Recently, Citi surveyed companies in Bahrain, Czech Republic, Jordan, Hungary, Poland, Poland, Romania, Russia, Turkey and the UAE, with annual average revenues of $44m to see their expansion plans. The results suggest that most bosses are looking forward to expand to neighboring or close countries, however, the results differ when it comes to Turkey.

As can be read off the above chart, Turkey is the only country of origin that gave a significant nod to...

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